Monday, 19 February 2018



3:        2 armchair  3 wardrobe  4 bedroom  5 shelves  6 shower
4:       2 tomato  3 butter  4 banana  5 cereal  6 vegetable
5:       1 next to  2 behind  3 ago  4 opposite  5 on
6:       2c  3a  4c  5b  6b  7a  8c  9b  10c  11c
7:       2 His new car was one thousand pounds. 3 We weren’t at home last night.
          4 Can you smoke in the garden?
          5 There aren’t many good bookshops in the town.
          6 Her birthday was on the tenth of April. 7 This jacket isn’t big enough.
          8 Where were your grandparents born?
          9 We can buy stamps in our village.
          10 They didn’t see us at the concert.
          11 How many cans of beer are there in the fridge?
8:       2c  3a  4c  5b  6c  7a  8b  9c  10b  11a
9:       2b  3c  4c  5a  6b
10:     2a/c  3b/c  4a/c  5a/b  6b/c
11:     2d That sounds terrible!
          3f Where did you go?
          4e Who did you go with?
          5b Did your wife go with you?
          6c When did you get back?

12:     You need four eggs, an onion, three potatoes, salt, pepper and some oil. First wash and cut up the potatoes and onion. Next heat the oil in a frying pan. Fry the onion and potatoes and then add the eggs. Stir it all around and cook for fifteen or twenty minutes. You’ll love it!

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