Monday, 19 February 2018



3:        2 armchair  3 wardrobe  4 bedroom  5 shelves  6 shower
4:       2 tomato  3 butter  4 banana  5 cereal  6 vegetable
5:       1 next to  2 behind  3 ago  4 opposite  5 on
6:       2c  3a  4c  5b  6b  7a  8c  9b  10c  11c
7:       2 His new car was one thousand pounds. 3 We weren’t at home last night.
          4 Can you smoke in the garden?
          5 There aren’t many good bookshops in the town.
          6 Her birthday was on the tenth of April. 7 This jacket isn’t big enough.
          8 Where were your grandparents born?
          9 We can buy stamps in our village.
          10 They didn’t see us at the concert.
          11 How many cans of beer are there in the fridge?
8:       2c  3a  4c  5b  6c  7a  8b  9c  10b  11a
9:       2b  3c  4c  5a  6b
10:     2a/c  3b/c  4a/c  5a/b  6b/c
11:     2d That sounds terrible!
          3f Where did you go?
          4e Who did you go with?
          5b Did your wife go with you?
          6c When did you get back?

12:     You need four eggs, an onion, three potatoes, salt, pepper and some oil. First wash and cut up the potatoes and onion. Next heat the oil in a frying pan. Fry the onion and potatoes and then add the eggs. Stir it all around and cook for fifteen or twenty minutes. You’ll love it!


3:       2 yoga  3 lorry  4 sick  5 sailing
          6 cricket
4:       2 vegetarian  3 souvenirs  4 racket  5 squash  6 coach
5:       2 gave  3 sit  4 missing  5 working  6 getting
6:       2 mustn’t  3 were watching, saw  
          4 eating  5 have, since  
          6 expect, see  7 hasn’t, for  8 to do  9 won’t, to want  10 have, to tell
7:       2c  3b  4b  5c  6a  7c  8b  9b  10a  11c
8:       2b  3c  4a  5c  6b
9:       2a  3b  4b  5c  6b
10:     2 about  3 Can  4 going  5 When  
          6 be  7 and  8 going  9 good  10 It’ll  11 shouldn’t (mustn’t)
11:     I listen to the songs again and again, and read and re-read the words. I also look up new words in an online dictionary and practise the pronunciation. Then I sing the songs while I’m listening. My English isn’t perfect but the singers make a lot of grammar mistakes in the English songs!

Friday, 16 February 2018



Resultado de imagen
Less than a year after the launch of the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness, the Prime Minister committed to  “bring an end to the acceptance of loneliness in our society”
Jo Cox’s life was marked by her compassion and by her passion. She worked tirelessly for a fairer, kinder and more tolerant world. And she believed passionately that even the greatest challenges could be overcome.

She was motivated by both her own experience of loneliness at university, and conversations with her constituents. She came into Parliament and set up the Commission with the driving belief that “young or old, loneliness does not discriminate”.
She was a campaigner and an active member of her community. She was a colleague, a friend, a wife, a daughter and a sister. Above all, she was a mother to two beautiful children. Read more.

 “young or old, loneliness doesn't is something many of us could easily help with. Looking in on a neighbour, visiting an elderly relative or making that call or visit we've been promising to a friend we haven't seen in a long time.”



4:       2 painting  3 history  4 ship  5 pills  
          6 golf
5:       2 musical  3 performance  4 trainer  5 consultant  6 scientist
6:       2b  3c  4a  5c  6b  7a  8b  9a  10c  11b
7:       2 can’t stand making decisions
          3 mind working under pressure
          4 haven’t eaten out for weeks
          5 (‘s) promised to phone me later
          6 were having lunch when I arrived
8:       2 made make, is  
          3 wearing wear, do  4 since, haven’t  5 ‘ve seen saw, was  6 to, won’t
9:       2 Where did they get to know each other? f
          3 Who gave her that watch? d
          4 What time’s he arriving tomorrow? b
          5 Whose book won the Man Booker Prize in 2008? a
          6 Which subject did you study when you were at university? c
10:     2 last  3 passport  4 and/so  5 were  6 good  7 hours  8 was  9 be  
          10 hungry  11 won’t
11:     2c  3b  4b  5a  6c
12:     2 jazz  3 7.00p.m  4 two  5 £15
          6 20th
13:     2d  3b  4f  5a  6e
14:     2 known you  3 seeing her  
          4 getting on  5 started  6 month ago  7 can’t stand  8 thinks  9 back together  10 to her  11 welcome
15:     2 I'm careful about what I eat so I don't eat junk food or eat fatty food.
          3 I (also) try to eat oily fish twice a week and I (also) eat vegetables every day.
            4 I do yoga and I may start playing tennis soon



2 comb  3 lawyer  4 carpet  5 butcher’s  6 cabbage  7 serious  8 above  9 town hall  10 roll  11 gave
5:       2 hairdresser / ’s  3 newsagent’s  4 greengrocer’s  5 washbasin  6 upstairs
6:       2 eat, go  3 got, left  4 cleaned, went  5 love, having  6 goes, sleeps
7:       2 Did she buy any new clothes yesterday? Yes, she did.
          3 Is there any milk in the fridge now? No, there isn’t.
          4 Can you buy stamps in the supermarket? Yes, you can.
          5 Does he always go to bed late? No, he doesn’t.
          6 Have they got any children? No, they haven’t.
8:       2 were your parents born
          3 many brothers and sisters has she got
          4 did you see him
          5 do they start school
          6 did you buy
9:       2a  3c  4a  5c  6b  7a  8c  9b  10a  11c
10:     2 goes to bed late
          3 isn’t any cheese
          4 my husband worked late
          5 There aren’t many
          6 they had breakfast in a café

11:     2 in  3 had  4 we  5 dad  6 centre  7 to  8 the  9 very  10 their  11 are
12:     2b  3a  4b  5c  6c
13:     2 the station  3 6.30  4 the bookshop  5 Travels in Tibet  6 £5
14:     2a  3f  4b  5e  6c
15:     2 too  3 that  4 know  5 much  6 got  7 you  8 enough  9 Have  10 in  11 small
16:     My bedroom was my favourite place when I was fourteen. I loved reading, music and films so there were lots of books, CDs and DVDs on the shelves. My favourite stars were Brad Pitt and Robbie Williams. I watched one of Brads films fifty times and listened to Robbies music for hours.



3:       2a)   3b)   4b)   5a)   6a)   7b)   8a)
4:       3 doesn’t do   4 studies
5 doesn’t eat   6 ’re/are   7 don’t like
8 watches   9 has   10 aren’t/are not
5:       2 What time does she get up?
3 Where are they from?
4 Are you a doctor?
5 Do you live with your parents?
6 Is this Marina’s chair?
6:       2 computer   3 read   4 eighty
5 coffee   6 pens   7 hot   8 waiter
9 café   10 lunch   11 keys
7:       2 white   3 ninety-five   4 festival
5 afternoon   6 vegetables
8:       2 actor   3 Wednesdays   4 tired
5 Germany   6 guided
9:       2a)   3a)   4b)   5a)   6a)
10:     2 like   3 as in   4 Excuse
5 time does   6 Sorry   7 thanks
8 When   9 time is it   10 How much
11 wonderful
11:     2D   3A   4C   5E
12:     2T   3F   4F   5T   6T
13:     2b)   3a)   4a)   5a)   6a)   7b)
14:       2 but   3 First   4 that   5 then
6 Finally

Sunday, 11 February 2018



Practise your English listening skills and improve your pronunciation singing  fun and famous songs  

Last Friday in "La Bóveda del albegue" a group of students of English and Frech sang songs in English and French. The students of let's sing course celebrated their end of course 

With just one guitar and the students´ voices ,La Bóveda  sounded like language learning

The audience, students too, enjoyed the evening 

Saturday, 25 November 2017


Resultado de imagen de LOVE ACTUALLY


"Love Actually" is a belly-flop into the sea of romantic comedy. It contains about a dozen couples who are in love; that's an approximate figure because some of them fall out of love and others double up or change partners. There's also one hopeful soloist who believes that if he flies to Milwaukee and walks into a bar he'll find a friendly Wisconsin girl who thinks his British accent is so cute she'll want to sleep with him. This turns out to be true.

Background and themes for discussion

Sing this Carol with us

Monday, 20 November 2017



500 grs almendra molida

350 grs azúcar glass
200 grs fruta escarchada
2 huevos

Mezclar la almendra con el azúcar en un bol grande

y dividir la mezcla en 3 partes iguales.

Separar una parte en otro bol

y en éste añadir las yemas de los 2 huevos,  mezclar hasta que quede una masa en forma de bola

Incorporar a las  otras dos
partes de
la almendra las claras poco a poco
y formar otra bola,
Separar  1/3

alisarla y ya tenemos la base de nuestro turrón

Ahora cortar la frutas , separarlas en dos montones. y colocar uno sobre
la  base ya aplanada
Alisar la bola de las yemas del mismo tamaño que la base y  colocar encima de las frutas. Sobre la capa de yema colocar  el resto de las frutas.

Por último, extender el resto de
la bola de las claras pero hacerla un poco mas grande que las dos capas anteriores

y cubrir  por completo el turrón.
Decorar al gusto,
Untar el turrón  con yema de huevo
y hornear a 170 grados.
Cuando esté el turrón doradito,
unos 15 minutos aprox ,
¡¡¡YA ESTA!!!!